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If you have not been to Hungary, then you simply did not eat the most delicious meat dishes in the world, and not only, dishes, did not sing along with your favorite group at one of the oldest music festivals in Europe, did not see the most beautiful parliament in the world, and did not enjoy one of the most melodic languages, walking along the ancient streets. Goulash, butchery, Tokay wine and other delights of Hungarian cuisine simply excite the appetite and delight the soul, beautiful and stylish architecture makes you dizzy, the mighty and fast Danube makes you think about the eternal, and friendly and hospitable Hungarians will gladly suggest interesting and evil places! Inventive Hungary is considered the birthplace of matches and Rubik's cube, ballpoint pens and picture tubes, color television and sound recording, as well as a disastrously complex language with 25 cases - a special pride of the Hungarian nation.


When crossing the border, citizens of Ukraine only need a biometric passport!


There are no seas in the country, but the wide Danube River and deep lakes will replace any sea in the world!


The kitchen is distinguished by imagination in the preparation of dishes, their satiety and the use of seasonings.


The border of the country passes through many mountains and the Danube river, which will interest any traveler!


The capital of Hungary is officially included in the list of European Royal Resorts. Guests are always welcome here and treated like royalty. At their service are 4-5-star balneo and wellness hotels that meet all the requirements and more than a dozen city baths, headed by the largest hydropathic establishment in Europe - the Széchenyi Bath. Budapest's warm waters are karst in origin.

Every Hungarian will tell you that the secret of a delicious dish is real Hungarian paprika!

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