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Great Britain

We associate Great Britain with London restraint in emotions, refined style, true aristocracy, excellent taste and centuries-old traditions. It is to this country that you want to go to make sure that there is something eternal and unshakable in the world. And I also want to come here and see with my own eyes Big Ben, the Abbey, a real queen, unshakable guards who perform their service like staunch tin soldiers, the very Thames, about which dozens of great writers wrote and to which many texts in school English lessons are devoted.

I just want to ask the local residents: "How is it to live in a real kingdom?" After all, we know that kingdoms and queens mostly exist only in fairy tales. England is rich in talents: Sherlock Holmes and his creator Arthur Conan Doyle, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Lewis Carroll, Sir Walter Scott and many, many others are from this country. This is how this country inspires! Get inspired with Lucky Travel L


You must first submit all the necessary documents to obtain a visa!


It is washed by the North , Irish , Celtic and Hebrides seas .


British cuisine has an ardent love of cereals and a hatred of soups!


The inhabitants of the island are never late. So be punctual during the tour)))


Interweaving history with modernity

Rainy country

The umbrella is almost a symbol of Great Britain, and especially London. After all, here almost no one leaves the house without an umbrella, even if the sun is shining outside the window in the morning. It can start raining all of a sudden! Due to the weather, there is a huge selection of umbrellas of all colors and stripes. And when they all open on the street, the impression of an unusual holiday is created!

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