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"What a man compared to the mountains!" - wrote Jane Austen in the 18th century, "sending" one of the heroines of the novel "Pride and Prejudice" to admire their greatness. Mountains attract people today with their inaccessibility, beauty and illusion to conquer them. Nowadays, this can be done in several ways: by skiing and snowboarding, as well as by cycling and simply going hiking. That is why every year, skiers from all over the world, extreme lovers, as well as simply curious come to Andorra again and again.

Pas de la Casa

Pal de la Casa - Grau Roing stretches along the border with France. It is the highest resort in the Pyrenees. The resort opened in 1957 and became the first ski resort in Andorra.

Snow and sports are the best combination!

Andorra is the highest mountainous country in Europe with the best ski resorts. But this tiny principality is famous not only for the opportunity to go skiing or snowboarding - Andorra is a paradise for shopaholics, because there is a duty-free zone!

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